Competition schedules will be announced this Monday

The Sync is coming...

We’re baaaack!

This Monday, Jan. 17, we will begin announcing our competition schedule for the Spring 2022 season of the Collegiate Esports Hub. This year, we will have regularly scheduled programming, so you can expect consistent gameplay.

Introducing The Sync

This year, we are also happy to announce we are working with The Sync, a new weekly show that’s streamed to esports tournament organizer Mainline’s Twitch channel. Featuring Twitch streamer DomDidWhat? and YouTuber Gabi Belle, it will cover the collegiate esports and gaming worlds week-to-week, including contests featured on the Hub.

Want to get involved?

Prize pools are bigger this year, and the more your school participates, the more you can win. We’ll be giving away over $65,000 in cash and prizes, and your school can join in the fun. If you’re interested, please reach out to us. You don’t have to be a director or a coach — though you definitely can be — to contact us. We’ll work with whoever wants to play some video games and grow the gaming presence on their campus. If that’s you, fire away!